DJiT reaches the symbolic threshold of 100 million downloads and becomes MWM.

Today, DJiT, the world’s number 9 mobile music app publisher, also known to be the creator of both edjing and Mixfader, is celebrating its 100 million downloads around the world. The company that aims at becoming the first French unicorn in the music field, took this opportunity  to announce its change of name. DJiT now becomes MWM.


Five years, 100 million downloads

Above all, DJiT is the story of an app, edjing, imagined and created by two students: Nicolas Dupré and Jean-Baptiste Hironde. Despite the lack of funding, the app - that lets users mix on smartphones and tablets - has met with immediate success, becoming the world’s most downloaded DJ app in a few months. Three years later, DJiT kept on multiplying successes with the successful launch of 9 apps (among  which Equalizer+, Stream and Music Mate), the obtention of the “Top Developer” label on Android, the app presence across 182 countries and the creation of its first connected device , Mixfader. Today, the company has reached  the symbolic threshold of 100.000.000 downloads.


A new name for new ambitions

The emergence of MWM stems from this growth. With tens of millions of users and a strong experience in the music field, the company is now ambitioning to become a major media of the sector, by continuously expanding its app ecosystem. DJiT’s change of name became a necessary step to clarify a more and more diversified product offer. The choice of a new name was also needed to stand out as a key player in the music apps and connected devices development environment. The company sought for a new name, during a whole year to highlight these new ambitions. A new name that would be international, easily remembered, and would symbolize alone the business sector the company has been evolving around: Music.


The entire musical world pictured by three letters

With MWM the company is choosing an “image-name”. A universal name symbolising music in its very essence: a three letters sequence, in which anyone, regardless of their country, can recognise the sinusoids specific to music variations.  MWM’s  oscillating logo has indeed been created based on these characteristics.


MWM, the fruit of a collaboration between real branding experts

To change the name of the company, DJiT surrounded itself with the best French Branding and Communications agencies. As a first step, the name has been imagined by the brand consultancy firm specialising in strategy and word design JOOSNABHAN, which has a large customer portfolio among which TF1, Nespresso, Eve, Orange and EpiqE. Then, the design and visual identity of the new brand has been carried out by the Design agency Dragon Rouge, which among other things, created Paris application’s  logo for the Olympic Games 2024.


Jean-Baptiste Hironde, Founder and CEO, MWM : 

This new name perfectly reflects our ambition: become the first french unicorn company in the music sector.


Pierre Nabhan, Cofounder, Creative Director, JOOSNABHAN :

Above all, MWM is a symbol. A visual name that reminds you of the technical aspect of digital music - the sinusoids - and all the emotions induced by digital music, as well as heartbeats. This is a universal name. That’s what the initial intention was about, evoking, through letters, the central position that MWM holds today and will hold tomorrow in its users’ lives and to provoke emotions thanks to digital music.


Olivier Vinet, Creative Corporate Branding Director, Dragon Rouge :

At the beginning there was an idea. Music is a universal language that animates the world. “By listening to my heart, you’ll be able to truly understand who I am”. I wanted an identity where emotion, heartbeats would meet the sinusoidal wave of music ; where Music, World and Media would echo in perfect synchronization.


About Dragon Rouge

Dragon Rouge is an international creative design and brand innovation agency. Created in 1984, the mission of this independent agency, which counts 300 designers and consultants across 8 countries, is to help brands and companies be a source of inspiration, change and growth. Dragon Rouge has designed Paris 2024 logo for its Olympic Games application and partners with iconic brands like Bouygues Group, PSG, PMU… (corporate), Perrier, Le Petit Marseillais… (consumer), Samsung, Asics… (retail & hospitality).



JOOSNABHAN is a brand strategy and word design consulting firm. Because words are the most important thing in brand identity, word design purpose is to think, choose and create words and tonality that defines strategy, to differentiate the brand and to inspire audiences.  We strive at finding the right words which are creating the brand value.


About MWM

Since 2012, MWM has been designing and marketing mobile apps and connected objects dedicated to music.Thanks to its large products ecosystem, MWM is the world’s number 1 mobile music app publisher registering more than 350 million downloads across 182 countries.

Today, the Parisian startup is composed of 60 employees and counts among these French success stories which stand out for their international visibility and influence. As a French Tech key figure, the company is very proud to bear the French colors throughout the world, another reason why MWM has been chosen by the French Government to be the ambassador of “Créative France”, an international communication campaign led by Business France.