DJiT unveils Music Mate : the missing link between YouTube and your music player.

After having released a dozen of apps, and having received numerous prices such as the Top Developer label by the Google Play team, DJiT, the French music app publishing startup, launches its latest product : Music Mate. Like Shazam identifies songs, the app automatically finds the official video clip of the track you’re listening to on your music player.

Boulogne-Billancourt, France - Today, DJiT launches its latest  Android app : Music Mate. The startup, that counts now a dozen of products and more than 90 million downloads, goes one step further in the video category.

An app to find the official video clip.

The idea of Music Mate was born from a simple observation : when people are listening to music, they often want to discover the video clip of the track they’re playing. A spontaneous wish still difficult to satisfy: forced to leave their music player, open YouTube, search for a track to finally find the matching  official video, a lot of users give up on the idea before even starting. DJiT had already made its first steps in the video space with Stream, a YouTube music player. On the strength of this success, the startup has decided to pursue its developments in this direction with the release of Music Mate. Like Shazam analyzes a song to identify its main data, Music Mate makes the whole video research process easier. In a click, everyone can now watch the official video of a song they’re currently listening to on their phone, , without even having to leave their music player app.


One click, one clip.

The interface of Music Mate has been designed to be as discreet as possible to make the transition from  audio listening to  video watching more fluid. Compatible with plenty of music players such as Spotify, Play Music or Pandora, Music Mate automatically finds the official YouTube video of a song that is currently listened to. This service was made possible through several server algorithms developed by DJiT. The related video clip then appears as a very discreet floating pop-up above your player. Two other kinds of notification are also available: users can either receive their traditional Android notification, or, they can activate a manual mode which disables notification and let the app work in background so people can find the results only when they ask for them. Good to know: videos can obviously be read on YouTube, but they also can be played in Stream, the YouTube player developped by DJiT.


Music Mate also includes other features:

  • A Daily Top of the last trending tracks in your country

  • A Top by genres

  • A “watch later” feature to save your favorite videos

  • Last but not least, the app has been optimized to consume little battery and to be very lightweight

  • Of course, a lot of other features are coming...


Jean-Baptiste Hironde, CEO of DJiT : « Since we have made our first steps in video research with Stream, that records now more than 10 million downloads, we are more convinced than ever that audio and music videos work in pair and must not be opposed and consumed separately. Music Mate is the solution to reconcile  music audio and video on the same platform and build this missing bridge between music players and YouTube contents. »


Price and availability:

Music Mate is available for free on the Play Store only.


About MWM

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Today, the Parisian startup is composed of 60 employees and counts among these French success stories which stand out for their international visibility and influence. As a French Tech key figure, the company is very proud to bear the French colors throughout the world, another reason why MWM has been chosen by the French Government to be the ambassador of “Créative France”, an international communication campaign led by Business France.