edjing Pro now available on Windows 10

Tuesday, July 5, 2016 — DJiT, the publisher of the best-loved DJ application in the world, unveils edjing Pro on Windows 10. Designed to enrich the experience of professional DJs, edjing Pro launches a new DJing era more mobile, more innovative, more powerful, regardless which smartphone, tablet or PC you choose to use. 

The same level of features than a professional DJ controller

Designed in collaboration with professional DJs, the interface of edjing Pro has been conceived to get the same level of features as a professional DJ controller, while preserving the tablet’s ease of use. With a direct access to all features of the application, on the same window interface, edjing Pro allows a fast and complete DJ set control. Thanks to the Windows 10 Continuum feature, you can also display a spectral view of your set on a second screen. 

A brand new audio system with increased options

edjing Pro is packed with a brand new sound system developed by DJIT, the result of five years of R&D. Deployed to fully exploit the technologies integrated within edjing Pro, this new version of the sound system allows a music frequency analysis, a more precise beatmatching,  as well as all-new audio effects - like the Roll and the Echo Out - that comes directly from professional DJ hardware. You can now enjoy manual or automated advanced controls to manage the wide array of new features available in edjing Pro. 

Jean-Baptiste Hironde, Founder and CEO of DJiT: “edjing Pro on Windows 10 benefits from our long-term partnership with Microsoft. We combine our complementary expertise, in technologies, innovations and user interfaces, to offer you the most complete DJ experience on Windows 10.”

Price & Availability:

edjing Pro is compatible with any smartphone, tablet or PC, running on Windows 10, and available for download at $4.99. Download edjing Pro