edjing Scratch now available on Windows 10

DJiT announces today the availability of edjing Scratch, the app dedicated to scratching, on Windows 10. Used with Mixfader, the first connected crossfader, edjing Scratch reinvents the required equipment for scratching and, for the first time, makes it mobile, but also more accessible and complete. Thanks to advanced technologies, edjing Scratch reproduces the behavior and sound rendering of a real vinyl, while providing more features than a turntable. 

The first portable scratching solution

edjing Scratch has been specially designed to work hand in hand with Mixfader, the first wireless crossfader. Available for free, edjing Scratch digitizes the required equipment for scratching, that is the vinyl turntables, the free access to a sound bank and an array of audio features. edjing Scratch also gives you access to its Scratch Academy and its video tutorials to improve your scratching techniques. For the first time, enjoy a complete scratching experience on the go.

High-performance technologies for a pro usage

To ensure you a high-quality scratching experience, edjing Scratch integrates leading-edge and advanced technologies, like the CAE™ (Core Audio Engine), the result of five years of R&D in sound engineering. edjing Scratch is the world’s first digital and mobile vinyl turntable, that reproduces the behavior and sound rendering of a real vinyl scratching with extreme precision. Among the plethora of features available, you can adjust the vinyl inertia or control the starting speed of the vinyl. 

A close partnership with Microsoft

Benefiting from the long-term partnership between DJiT and Microsoft, edjing Scratch takes full advantage of the latest Windows 10 technologies:

  • scratch in real time with edjing Scratch, thanks to the latest Microsoft progresses in terms of audio latency reduction;
  • thanks to the Continuum feature, display a spectral view of your set or the whole interface of the app on a second screen, while controling them from your smartphone;
  • edjing Scratch is a UWP app (Universal Windows Platform), which means that it adapts to the screen size of your smartphone, tablet or PC.  

Jean-Baptiste Hironde, Founder and CEO of DJiT: “Through our partnership with Microsoft, edjing Scratch takes advantage of both the incredible capabilities that only Windows 10 devices can deliver, and our expertise in designing innovative products. edjing Scratch on Windows 10 offers new capabilities in terms of mobility that will lift the performance and creativity of professional Scratch DJs.”

Among the features: 

A complete interface, thought for a smooth and intuitive use:

  • a specially designed single-vinyl interface for more scratching control;
  • 2 decks with the possibility to switch between deck A and deck B in a click.

The best sound system on mobile for a multiple audio features:

  • automated audio effects sync on the BPM (Loops and Seek);
  • up to 8 hot cues on each deck;
  • 5 audio FX: Phaser, Flanger, Echo, Reverb, Steel;
  • crossfader curve adjustment: Scratch Cut, Slow Cut, Dipped;
  • Cut-in point control;
  • possibility to adjust the vinyl inertia and the starting speed of the vinyl;
  • Hamster Switch to scratch in reverse mode;
  • real time audio analysis;
  • automated detection of your tracks BPM;
  • manual Pitch adjustment;
  • assign different roles to each one of your Mixfader: crossfader, volume, pitch…

A complete music library available on smartphone and tablet:

  • access to your audio files;
  • access to a sound bank: with special scratch samples, instrumentals and loops directly from the music library of the app;
  • automated saving of your tracks data (BPM & settings).

Price and Availability :

edjing Scratch is available for free download on the Windows Store. 

Mixfader is available for sale, for $129 USD:

  • on themixfader.com, worldwide shipping within 48 hours
  • in retail stores outside France: upcoming worldwide deployment
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