Mixfader, the world's first connected DJ mixer

No more need for turntables that cost 2 000$! DJIT - the editor of edjing, the +25 million downloads DJ application, pursues its diversification strategy and engages in the Internet of Things by announcing Mixfader, the world’s first connected DJ mixer. Through developing both Mixfader a connected crossfader and a dedicated mobile application that dematerializes the DJ turntable and all track-mixing essentials, the mission of DJIT has become a reality. Anyone can now master the mixing and scratching techniques from any smartphone or tablet with an affordable, intuitive and incredibly powerful solution.

Before going any further, what is a crossfader?

The crossfader is the centerpiece of a DJ mixing board that allows the DJ to realize transitions between two tracks by sliding from left to right. It is the only feature of a DJ mixing board that can not be dematerialized. This usage has been diverted from its original function in the 70-80’s by the DJs Kool DJ Herc and Grandmaster Flash. These pioneers are credited as the forefathers of ‘‘turntablism’’, namely the art of creating music through turntables and records, with popular techniques such as scratching. This new discipline, which laid the foundations for hip hop then techno, requires the use of both a turntable and a crossfader that through returning movements create sound cutting and original compositions. 

Why is the crossfader more relevant than ever?

Thanks to the crossfader, the turntables have been transformed into fully fledged musical instruments, while the DJ scene has been growing like a skyrocket. The best “turntablists“ - term used to name the turntablism professionals - compete today at the legendary DMC World DJ Championship and perform in sold-out worldwide festivals and music halls. Among those most famous turntablists are: Q-Bert, Craze and C2C. 

Why does Mixfader revolutionize mixing?

For the first time with Mixfader, anyone can master the mixing and turntablism techniques. No more need for turntables that cost 2 000$, all you have to do is to get a connected crossfader and a dedicated track-mixing mobile application. Packed with a plethora of tutorial videos, Mixfader becomes the world’s first and unique portable solution, which is both complete and incredibly powerful, while remaining affordable to master these techniques. 

Operating on Bluetooth®, Mixfader connects automatically to any smartphone or tablet and can be used anywhere and anytime. Mixfader has been designed and developed to be low latency by the engineers of DJIT in collaboration with professional ‘‘turntablists’’. This collaboration allows to offer an ultra reactive solution to meet professional requirements.  


Jean-Baptiste Hironde, Founder and CEO of DJIT: “Our expertise in sound processing and complete & ergonomics user interface design allows us to offer the world’s first and unique solution to master all track-mixing and turntablism techniques on smartphones and tablets. Where edjing transforms you into David Guetta, Mixfader now transforms you into C2C.”



Mixfader will be available for sale soon. 

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