MWM announces the release of its new Mixfader add-on: Mixfader ProLink, the latest portable scratching innovation to offer a level of scratching performance never reached before.

MWM offers fresh possibilities to Mixfader with its new product: ProLink, available for pre-order from November 6th, on

MWM, the world’s number 8 mobile music app publisher and creator of Mixfader - the first connected portable crossfader - continues to innovate in the scratching field, announcing today, the official release of Mixfader ProLink.

ProLink: a unique way to scratch with Mixfader.

With Mixfader, MWM  made the wager to create the first wireless connected crossfader. Two years after its first release, Mixfader has found its place in the scratching world, and has helped democratize the practice. Today, with ProLink, MWM offers a new scratching solution for portablists, more effective than ever.

Mixfader ProLink possesses two analog inputs to which you can connect two audio sources (turntables, smartphones…) and a headphones output. The product allows to connect Mixfader to one or two analog turntables, without having to use a mobile app. It works as an independent sound card, plugged to the turntable's analog connectors and communicating with Mixfader thanks to a unique wireless technology. This way, ProLink offers an easy-to-use setup, totally optimized for performance.

An innovative technology built for scratching performance.

Mixfader ProLink is also made up of a first-of-a-kind software technology, developed in order to enhance scratching performances with Mixfader. This technology lets ProLink process the information sent by Mixfader faster than any smartphone or tablet. The main technical stake has been to focus on optimizing the crossfader movements. The outcome is an ultra precise cut-in point, sharpest cuts and a lossless audio output quality worthy of high-end mixing tables. Using Mixfader with Mixfader ProLink breaks the latest portablism boundaries letting DJs enjoy the freedom  of a wireless connection while achieving, more technical scratching performances than ever, thanks to the ProLink technological abilities.

This new technology strengthens MWM expertise in the wireless and audio processing fields, and has already received the support of several renowned artists, such as the 4 times DMC World Champion, DJ Netik -  or the  turntablism legend, DJ Excess:


DJ Excess

Prolink definitely changes the way you scratch on portable turntables. It feels like I'm scratching on a regular mixer !"


Jean-Baptiste Hironde, MWM cofounder and CEO

“With Mixfader ProLink we pursued our will to improve the sensations of Mixfader scratching performances. The unique technology we developed, grants a level of accuracy worthy of the best turntables’ crossfaders, with a setup that is way simpler!”

Prices and availability:

Mixfader ProLink will be available on November 6th 2017 for pre-order on the official Mixfader website, and will be officially listed for sale in limited edition from November 20th.


ProLink: $39

Bundle: Mixfader + ProLink: $129

Key Features:

Tech Specs

Controls and connection

  • 2 audio inputs

  • 1 audio output

  • 1 on/off button

  • 1 adhesive band on the bottom surface of the ProLink for better stability

  • 1 micro-USB port for charging the ProLink

Power and Battery

  • 20 hours autonomy

  • 1 hour charging

  • Lithium-ion battery

About MWM

Since 2012, MWM has been designing and marketing mobile apps and connected objects dedicated to music.Thanks to its large products ecosystem, MWM is the world’s number 1 mobile music app publisher registering more than 350 million downloads across 182 countries.

Today, the Parisian startup is composed of 60 employees and counts among these French success stories which stand out for their international visibility and influence. As a French Tech key figure, the company is very proud to bear the French colors throughout the world, another reason why MWM has been chosen by the French Government to be the ambassador of “Créative France”, an international communication campaign led by Business France.