MWM launches Phase and marks a new milestone in the DJ industry

One year after having presented its very first prototype at the NAMM Show, MWM officially releases Phase, the first wireless controller that allows DJs to mix without needles. The company has developed a new technical solution for turntablists that provides an unprecedented performance level, ready to become the new standard in the industry of djng.


When art meets technology, creativity is set free

Since the company’s foundation in 2012, MWM has been developing innovative DJ products that provide easier access to music creation. Over the years, the French company has built strong and close relationships with various artists to constantly rethink the conception and development of its products. Numerous discussions helped MWM’s engineers identify a real need in the DJ industry that they decided to address with the development of a new project: Phase.


This revolutionary product breaks with the conventions of existing hardware equipment. It is the first device that allows DJs to mix on vinyl turntables without using needles, providing the most stable solution that has ever existed. Phase is adapted to any condition as it constantly maintains a high performance level without being affected by external interferences. Most DJs consider technical problems such as rumbling basses, defective needles or audio cuts caused by jumping crowds as a significant obstacle to a flawless performance. For the first time in DJ history, turntablists are able to regain complete control over their record thanks to this new device. At the same time, Phase is perfectly adapted to DJ “purists” who don’t want to give up the sensation of mixing on traditional turntables as the product can be used with any type of DJ set.


The biggest breakthrough for DJs in the last 20 years

Turntablism arrived in the 80s when DJ pioneers like Kool Herc or Grandmaster Flash started to mix music on audio vinyl. Things changed with the arrival of CDs and digital turntables (CDJs) in the 90s which gave access to more reliable equipment with better sound processing and numerous additional features. However, this mixing practice couldn’t satisfy the DJ purists who preferred the sensation and grip of a real turntable. In the 2000s, a new innovation reached the DJ market: timecode. This technology requires the use of a DJ software which reads the audio signal recorded on timecode control vinyl. Even if this new innovation allowed DJs to continue mixing on vinyl turntables, it wasn’t able to fix the technical perturbations that occurred during their live performances.


With the arrival of Phase in 2019, the two worlds of djing will finally be combined as the product provides both stability and comfort by removing any technical barriers. It is the biggest breakthrough since the revolution of timecode technology 20 years ago.


A major progress in the development of wireless systems for artists

Music creation requires a high level of precision, no matter what kind of instrument is used. The same applies to mixing: each contact with the turntable must be taken into account so that the sound can be reproduced exactly as the DJ imagines it. Phase has been designed to transcribe each turntable movement. Providing the necessary high-level of precision, the product meets the requirements of advanced DJs. The Phase equipment therefore contains two audio Remotes which are fixed on the turntables and which analyze the rotation movements to wirelessly send the captured information to a Receiver. The latter processes this information and sends it to the DVS setup.


To avoid audio latency, MWM’s engineers needed to reach a large volume of data in particularly short time intervals, enabling the remotes to detect every rotation movement of the turntable. To achieve this, MWM has worked extensively on optimizing radio communication systems, leading the company to develop its own wireless communication protocol that ensures perfect signal quality in any situation. Phase is the result of a 4-year research in wireless systems, during which MWM has developed deep expertise in sound processing and audio latency. With Phase, the company intends to set a new standard in the industry of edjing.



DJ Jazzy Jeff, The magnificient : 

"I have never been so excited about technology! There is no doubt that Phase is going to change djing forever"



After MWM’s successful pre-order campaign, Phase is finally launched today. The product will be available worldwide on the MWM store and among its retail partners network in April 2019.


  • Phase Essential

    • This box contains 1 Phase Receiver and 2 Phase Remotes - everything you need to get started with the Phase experience

    • Price: $399.99

  • Phase Ultimate

    • Coming with two additional Remotes, Phase Ultimate allows you to charge 2 Remotes while simultaneously using 2 others. The perfect kit for non-stop live performers.

    • Price: $599.99



  • Phase Receiver

    • Compatible with any DJ software (Serato, Rekordbox, Traktor…)

    • Fits any DVS DJ setup and is shock-resistant

    • 2 stereo RCA outputs for 2 decks

    • USB connection to charge and configure Phase

    • Dimensions: 26 x 123 x 72 mm


  • Phase Remotes

    • Ultra-precise sensors to avoid latency

    • 10 hours of battery life for each Remote

    • Standard size notch that perfectly fits into your turntable's spindle

    • Magnetic stickers maintain the Remote on any record

    • Remotes need to be put on the Receiver to be charged

    • Customizable LED that serves as a marker on your record

    • Dimensions: 66 x 25 x 8,6 mm


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