MWM announces the opening of its last DJ innovation preorders: Phase reinvents timecode technology to provide turntablists with a level of performance never reached before.

Thursday, January 25, 2018 — Two years after the release of Mixfader, the world’s first wireless crossfader, MWM announces today the opening of its last DJ innovation preorders. Once again, the company disrupts djing codes, introducing Phase, which allows to control audio tracks without using a cartridge or a timecode control vinyl. Phase might very well establish a brand new standard for turntablism.




A new way to approach turntablism, inspired by the DJs, designed for the DJs.

MWM has always attached great importance to working closely with artists while conceiving and developing its products. Since its first steps in the world of turntablism with Mixfader, the company has always surrounded itself with the best DJs, letting MWM identify their needs directly. The many discussions MWM had with professional DJs led the company to focus on one of the most central topic in djing today: timecode technology. Used by a vast majority of turntablists, timecode is currently the most efficient solution to control music playing from the software DJs are performing with. However, it remains somewhat imperfect and doesn’t guarantee a flawless performance. Timecode technology is still prone to unsteadiness caused by external interferences (rumble, defective equipments...). Building on the DVS developments, MWM sought to go even further to provide DJs with a new way to control tracks that would be the most reliable, steady and powerful of the turntablism market. Driven by these ambitions, MWM conceived Phase.


Controlling audio without needing timecode control vinyl or cartridges: a revolution built for performance.

Phase revolutionizes DVS technology while building upon it, by making it possible to control tracks playing from a DJ software without using neither a control vinyl nor a cartridge. Phase is made up of 3 parts: 2 control remotes and a receiver. Set up directly on the turntable, the remotes measure the rotation angle and send this information to the receiver through a patented wireless technology. Then, the receiver processes the information and applies it to the digital signal it generates to send it to the DVS setup. This technology does not require to use timecode control vinyl or cartridges and guarantees a perfect signal quality in any situation. Every rotation movement, even the tiniest, is detected by the remotes and instantly sent to the software offering a real-time audio control with an unrivaled accuracy. DJs regain the same feeling as if they were mixing with standard audio records.

Initiating Phase is simple and intuitive since it integrates smoothly into any setup: the receiver plugs directly into the mixer or audio interface. Also, Phase is compatible with any DJ software using DVS technology such as Serato, Traktor or Rekordbox. Thus, Phase offers the most steady and powerful solution ever for turntablism.


A custom-made wireless data transmission protocol for an unparalleled communication speed.

MWM has always paid great attention to latency issues within audio systems. From its first wireless experience with Mixfader, the company has pushed Bluetooth technology as far as possible with ProLink, its latest Mixfader add-on. The research on Bluetooth 4.0 (low energy) allowed MWM to reach inaudible latency (under 7ms) offering remarkable accuracy and velocity for a scratch performance. However with Phase, MWM had to push innovation further. That is why the company has developed its own wireless technology protocol. The goal was to increase  the volume of data transferred to insure a better transmission of the information. Today, MWM has reached a transmission speed of  3200 ticks per second, in other words twice as fast as a similar digital system. This innovation in the wireless technology specifically designed for Phase, guarantees an unprecedented communication quality and reactivity.

With this innovation, MWM has set the DJ at the heart of the performance again freeing him from any technical constraint. Phase marks a turning point in wireless technology for djing and intends to establish itself as a new standard.

DJ Stresh, 3style France Champion

"Phase is all about performance! It's the future!"

Jean-Baptiste Hironde, MWM Founder and CEO

“The same way Mixfader did, Phase comes as one of the major technological advances in turntablism. Phase offers to DJs the possibility to explore new grounds, breaking down all the obstacles between them and their performance.”


Price and availability

Preorders are opened on Delivery is planned for September 2018.


  • Essential Pack: $349,99

-1 Receiver

-2 Remotes

-2 RCA cables

-1 USB cable

-4 Magnetic stickers

+ Free shipping

  • Ultimate Pack: $549,99

-1 Receiver

-4 Remotes*

-2 RCA Cables

-1 USB cable

-4 Magnetic stickers

+ Free shipping

Other Features

  • The receiver charges the remotes
  • 10h autonomy for an hour of full charge
  • The remotes are paired from the moment they are taken off the receiver
  • A pause/play button on the receiver will allow to cut the signal of each remote


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Introducing Phase: the New Era of Turntablism by MWM