MWM announces the preorders opening of its last DJ innovation: Phase.

Phase revolutionizes how one usually mixes on a turntable, making cartridges obsolete.

Two years after releasing Mixfader, the world’s first connected object to scratch, MWM announces the preorders opening of its new DJ innovation. Once again, the company disrupts djing codes with the introduction of Phase, a groundbreaking piece of technology that completely transforms the use of vinyl turntables .



Mixing on vinyl turntables without using a cartridge is now possible.

Phase is a product letting DJs perform with vinyl turntables without the help of a cartridge. Phase has been designed to free DJs from all kinds of technical unsteadiness that would usually jeopardize their performance. Which DJ never heard his record jump because of rumbles or defective needles? Phase is made up of 3 parts: 2 control remotes and a receiver. Set up directly on the turntable, the remotes simulate the record movements and send this information to the receiver through a patented wireless technology. Then, the receiver send this information to the DJ software used with the turntables. Currently, to control tracks with vinyl turntables, you must use a control vinyl on which a timecode signal is burned allowing the software to situate on the track. With Phase, DJs won’t need all of this anymore: neither timecode control vinyl nor cartridges are needed anymore. In addition to making the setup much simpler, Phase is also very easy and intuitive to initiate as it integrates smoothly into any setup: the receiver plugs directly into the mixer or audio interface. Also, Phase is compatible with any DJ software using DVS technology such as Serato, Traktor or Rekordbox.


Disrupting DJing standards: the spearhead of MWM

If Phase appears to be a djing breakthrough, it isn’t MWM first shot! Yet with Mixfader, the world’s first wireless crossfader, the company had already started disrupting the codes of turntablism allowing to scratch on mobile or tablets,taking part to the portablism democratization. Today with Phase, MWM shakes up the practice, yet well settled, since turntables became real music instruments in the 70’s, with the birth of hip-hop. This revolution has stemmed from its collaboration with the best DJs, which led MWM to seek how to optimize the use of vinyl turntables. Dispensed with the tonearm and the control vinyl, Phase simplifies the use of turntables and offers DJs a new way to control the track that is the most reliable, steady and powerful.


A giant leap forward in wireless technology

Having a strong expertise in music apps and connected objects development, MWM has always paid great attention to latency issues within audio systems. From its first wireless experience with Mixfader, the company has pushed Bluetooth technology as far as possible with ProLink, the latest Mixfader add-on. The research on Bluetooth 4.0 (low energy) allowed MWM to reach inaudible latency (under 7ms) offering remarkable accuracy and velocity for a scratch performance. However with Phase, MWM had to push innovation further. That is why the company has developed its own wireless technology protocol. The goal was to increase the volume of data transferred to insure a better transmission of the information. Today, MWM has reached a transmission speed that is twice as fast as a similar digital system (3200 ticks per second). This innovation in the wireless technology specifically designed for Phase, guarantees an unprecedented communication quality and reactivity. Thus, DJs regain the same feeling as if they were mixing with standard audio records.


With this innovation, MWM has set the DJ at the heart of the performance again freeing him from any technical constraint. Phase marks a turning point in wireless technology for djing and is on its way become a new standard.


DJ Stresh, 3style France Champion

"Phase is all about performance! It's the future!"


Jean-Baptiste Hironde, MWM Founder and CEO

“The same way Mixfader did, Phase comes as one of the major technological advances in turntablism. Phase offers to DJs the possibility to explore new grounds, breaking down all the obstacles between them and their performance.”



Key Features

  • 10-hour battery-life per remote

  • The Receiver is charging the Remotes (full charge : around an hour)

  • 2 stereo RCA outputs to control 2 decks

  • USB connection to power and configure Phase

  • Magnetic stickers to maintain the remotes on any records

  • Fast and unique patented technology

  • 2,4 GHz signal radio frequency


Price and availability

Phase is available for preorder on and on selected partners stores and websites.

Shipping planned for the end of January 2019. 

Phase Essential: $349,99*

Phase Ultimate: $549,99

  • 2 Remotes

  • 1 Receiver

  • 2 RCA Cables

  • 1 USB Cable

  • 4 Magnetic stickers


*Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price.

  • 4 Remotes

  • 1 Receiver

  • 2 RCA Cables

  • 1 USB Cable

  • 4 Magnetic stickers


*Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price.


Social Media


Facebook: @phaseproject

Instagram: @phase_dj #phase

Twitter: @phase_djgear


Press contact

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A propos de MWM

Depuis 2012, MWM développe et commercialise des applications et des objets connectés dédiés à la musique. Grâce à son large écosystème de produits, MWM est aujourd’hui classée 1er éditeur mondial d’applications musicales et comptabilise plus de 350 millions de téléchargements dans 182 pays.

Aujourd’hui, la startup parisienne de 60 salariés compte parmi les success stories françaises qui rayonnent à l’échelle mondiale. En tant que figure emblématique de la French Tech, la société est très fière de porter les couleurs de la France à l’international et a d’ailleurs été sélectionnée par le gouvernement pour devenir ambassadrice de la campagne de communication internationale “Créative France” menée par Business France.